Welcome to Germany!

Whether you are just passing through our country or are planning to stay here for many years, you probably have many questions about Germany and her people. 

This website gives you a lot of helpful information and useful links:

  • Are you seeking asylum? Learn more about the process and what you need to know
  • The Latest News: The topics Germans are talking about today
  • Culture: Important German customs
  • Influences on German culture
  • Religion: Germany’s Christian heritage. What Christians believe

… and much more!

Living and working in Germany

The official Site of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees gives important information about seeking asylum, living and working in Germany. 

Everyday Life in Germany

How Germans greet each other. What you should you know when you go shopping, ride a bus or go swimming. Drinking water from the tap. What to do with trash. ...

This “Refugee Guide” gives helpful explanations about living in Germany.

(You can find it in many other languages, too.)

Things Germans talk about together

Current news and events. World news from a German perspective.

The channel "Deutsche Welle" provides lots of information.

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Faith and Religion in Germany

Sometimes people say: “Germany is a Christian country.”

We have collected a few facts on our site…

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What Christians really believe

The person that “Christianity” is named after is Jesus Christ.

You can watch a film about his life on our website:

The two most important holidays for Christians are Christmas (remembering Jesus’ birthday) and Easter (remembering how Jesus was killed and then lived again). Both are actually shown in the film from 8:18 (birth) and 1:32:35 (crucifixion and resurrection)

The film has been translated into many languages. 

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If you download this app, you can also watch the film on there.

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More to know

Of course, there are many more things one could say about the Christian faith.

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